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Awesome. Nice game!

Cool game ^^

Really enjoyed the puzzle mechanics.  Not sure if the difficulty curve is correct and there were a few times where I had the solution but accidentally pushed a circle, maybe a take back move button, I know there is a restart but it is a little tedious redoing the moves.  Still, very good job.

very good, considering the time constraints! looking forward to your future projects!

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Nice game! The puzzle mechanic is really similar to a submission 5 weeks ago on the theme electricity

Cute little puzzle game. I liked how the guy gets fatter with each level. Music is also nice, wish it were longer. 

Love it!

nice puzzle. music is very anxious

Checked the game after your comment and found a bug with the character, fixed it. Thank you

Wow, I really love your game!!!! 

it's a good puzzle! :> and it's cute .