Help Pink Guy teleport across all the levels with his telportation orbs. This is a platformer I was working on with a teleportation puzzle element. Its short and I might make some more levels later.

Thanks for Pixel Frog for his art. Check it out here

Authorlittle pug games
GenrePuzzle, Action
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Pixel Art


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I noticed such a bug when the player is standing next to the wall he can't throw the ball

haha. Not a bug :)

I intentionally made it so that if the ball is in contact with a collider when thrown it gets destroyed.  If you don't, you'll be able to throw it inside the collider :(

This is so amazing!!! Well done!!!

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it.

Do you plan to add more levels to this game?

If not, would you sell the Unity Project to me?

If yes, how much would you charge for it?

You can get it here.

WOW Thank you so much!!!

I completed !!

Good job, really interesting game mechanics :D


:)  thanks for playing, and thanks for the artwork, I really like your style.

You are welcome !!  :D


I like your art so much.

Thanks :D